Caitlin Turner

Law Clerk

About Caitlin

Caitlin chose to study law to work closely with clients and support them as they navigate through difficult periods of their lives. She believes in providing legal advice that is also compassionate, which is essential and can assist in bringing peace of mind to clients. This is particularly true with her current work with victims of sexual assaults, where the law can help give a voice to those who have stayed silent for so long. Being able to support clients as they navigate the legal process is rewarding for Caitlin, and she has witnessed how legal assistance can empower clients and return autonomy to victims of sexual assault.

Career Highlight

A career highlight for Caitlin has been assisting clients of sexual abuse to achieve justice. She believes this process can assist in validating the pain they have experienced and empower them to take legal action, which may support them in closing a difficult chapter of their lives. While assisting them in navigating the legal process, Caitlin supports those whose lives have been changed by sexual assault to feel heard and their experience to be acknowledged. Caitlin finds listening to clients and being able to provide compassion and support as they seek redress or compensation is rewarding, and the positive impact this has on clients’ lives is heartening.

Why Foye Legal

“Foye Legal is well renowned for championing the voices of all individuals, which is what initially attracted me to the firm. Diana and the whole Foye Legal Firm provide detailed, useful, considerate and thoughtful legal advice, and it is a privilege to witness first-hand the immense positive impact they have on their clients’ lives.” – Caitlin.

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