Melissa Pacheco Zizic

Director of Compensation

About Melissa

  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW in February 2010
  • Approved legal service provider to the Independent Review Office (IRO) for Workers Compensation Claims
  • Graduated with a double degree – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) / Bachelor of Arts- Italian (BA) from the University of Wollongong 2009
  • Attained a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law in 2009

Areas of Practice

Melissa Pacheco Zizic has a passion for personal injury and compensation law, with 12-years-plus experience in supporting clients accessing financial compensation and insurance claims, ranging from product and public liability to motor vehicle and industrial accidents, medical and professional negligence, workers compensation and work injury damages, assaults, total permanent disability claims and more.

“I can’t take away their pain or injuries, but obtaining compensation helps place them back in the position they were in before injury, as far as money can do that. For most, this helps soften the financial burden and gives a real sense of ‘justice’ because something has finally gone their way. It can be life changing.”

Melissa has also advised and represented both employers and employees in relation to workplace obligations, employment contracts and general disputes and has assisted people with their Estate Planning needs.

Her approach

Melissa describes her style as compassionate and caring –“I’m not afraid to show clients my human side and this creates a safe space so they can comfortably ask any questions at any time and being readily available to answer them with clear, concise advice”. There’s no sugar coating it, she affirms her advice is also straightforward, practical and strategic, “My focus is client-centricit’s about their needs and I’m relentless for their cause.”

Melissa is a strong advocate for creative and constant new thinking, considering the case from all angles, establishing early resolution strategies and keeping up to date with the best systems and processes to achieve excellent results efficiently and quickly. “This is my commitment – exceeding clients’ expectations – in terms of service and outcome- and providing a superior legal experience.”

What motivates her?

At the heart of why she practices law is to help people in need and in a meaningful way. I love meeting new clients, learning their stories, collaborating with them. If I can transform someone’s future for the better, even in a small way, then I’m happy.

It’s not just the relationship with clients that drives her, she says. She views a law firm like an ecosystem. There’s interaction with colleagues, other professionals inside and outside of our industry, referrers and so on.  At it’s core, it’s really about building upon these relationships & empowering one another. If I can positively influence or inspire the people around me, help to develop the careers and networks of others, then I feel I’m achieving success.

Career Highlight

Ms Pacheco Zizic doesn’t have one particular highlight in her career, as she explains, every case matters. But she has had a keen eye for recently representing many people (across NSW & other states) who have suffered adverse effects following total hip replacements involving defective devices.

“Many people suffering the long-term effects of ill-manufactured medical devices in their body are unaware of their rights to seek compensation,” she said. “In recent years, I have had the privilege of representing clients who received recalled hip implants that contained a metal-on-metal component that led to metal poisoning (aka metallosis) and other issues.”

Why Foye Legal

I was attracted to the family-like culture of the firm and fierce team spirit. I could comfortably connect with the team and felt we shared the same outlook and values in terms of business development and personal growth. I admire how the Management Team place a real emphasis on lifting their individual people up to optimise overall performance. The approach taken is a holistic one, forging hybrid roles of law and business across the board. This creates inclusion and transparency of hierarchy across the firm. I’m humbled to be part of this great culture and company and look forward to contributing in a meaningful way.

Foye Legal’s expansion into Shellharbour also presented the opportunity for Melissa to elevate to Director of Compensation and lead the team & coastal office. I’m excited to play a pivotal part in that growth, connecting with local people and businesses & forming long term, mutually rewarding partnerships.

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