Commercial & Civil Litigation

When negotiations break down

When negotiation is inadequate, recruit the right team to pursue legal proceedings and ensure your assets are fully protected. Foye Legal handles litigation matters including breach of contract, dispute resolution and asset protection.

Our commercial and civil litigation services

Asset protection

Are your assets fully protected in the event that a lawsuit or government action is pursued? Count on Foye Legal to ensure your business’s assets are protected, even when things are good. 

Debt recovery

You have bills to pay and likely, a family to care for, so unpaid bills can take a real toll on your life. We can help recover debts, starting with a letter of demand and if needed, initiating court proceedings. Let us help get what you’re owed. 

Contract disputes

We’ll determine the best course of action to resolve your conflict, dispute or claim. We can take on all different dispute resolution processes including arbitration, litigation, negotiation and more.

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