Crime & Traffic Offences

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Laws exist to keep up safe and out of harm. But what happens when those laws are applied unfairly or have far-reaching impacts on you and your family?

Traffic offences

A loss or suspension of your driver licence can cause considerable economic pressure and hardship, particularly if run your own business or rely on your vehicle to carry tools and equipment. If you’ve already accrued demerit points, even a minor traffic offence could land you with a suspension. Talk to us about appealing your suspension and enabling you to get to work to provide for you and your loved ones

Victims of crime

Violent crime can turn your life upside down, but you may be entitled to help with your ongoing financial and emotional costs through the Victims Support Package. This support covers a range of financial compensation, support services and recognition payments for eligible victims of violent crime and abuse. This support is available for both physical and psychological damage suffered during a violent crime.

Unlawful arrest

The police power to arrest someone is a very serious responsibility, and are governed by clear legislation. If you have been arrested and the police have for any reason not followed the correct procedures, including finding a proper basis for arrest, you may be entitled to compensation for damages incurred during the arrest and subsequent detention.


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