Clair Hardy


About Clair

Clair is our Chief Financial Officer with over 30 years experience as a financial professional in 3 very different industries – Private Health Insurance, FMCG and Local Government before joining Foye Legal in 2021.  Clair completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1992.

Clair believes that focusing on how both the people and the financial blueprint of the organisation can be leveraged to create opportunities for growth across the business and drive alignment with strategic direction is both personally rewarding and often results in an enlightening journey for the business. Whilst the products and individual business practices may differ across industries, there is always a common goal of delivering on a promise to the respective client/community, which is met by bringing the right resources (people and finance) together at the right time.

Career Highlight

Across Clair’s career, she has had many highlights and unexpected experiences, however the thing that sticks in her mind is that life is not about the work that you do, but the impact that you have on those around you. Whether it be assisting a colleague with understanding all things finance, or mentoring new staff, Clair has always found that the joy is in the act of helping others to be the best they can.

Why Foye Legal

“The team at Foye Legal are passionate about achieving positive outcomes for the client as well as creating a supportive team environment to work in every day. I am excited to be a part of this fantastic team at such a pivotal time in the organisation’s growth trajectory. Together we can achieve great things.” – Clair

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