Diana Foye

CEO | Chief Lawyer

About Diana

  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia
  • Director of the Board, Fairy Meadow Community Bank Branch – Bendigo Bank
  • Member of the Wollongong and South Coast Legacy Committee
  • Kidzwish Foundation Board Member


  • 2019 Telstra Business Awards NSW Finalist
  • 2019 IWIB Best Business
  • 2018 IWIB Businesswoman of the Year
  • 2017 IBC Start-up Superstar
  • 2017 IWIB Best New Business

Diana Foye is a leading personal injury lawyer and award-winning businesswoman who traded a 17-year high-profile corporate career in Sydney to use her wealth of legal experience to empower individuals to be strong and fearless in the face of adversity. This led to the launch of Foye Legal in 2015. Diana’s vision for the firm was to provide expert and intuitive legal services to suit each client’s personalised needs with a view to protecting the essence of human rights.

Having spent almost two decades in a thriving legal career representing Australia’s largest corporations and insurers and winning high profile cases, Diana has attained invaluable knowledge and experience. This allows her to implement unique strategies in each of her clients’ cases, rewarding them with the most favourable outcomes.

Career Highlight

Diana has no one career highlight. She describes her passion as being an ongoing one. Primarily, she considers it a privilege to make a difference in people’s lives by consistently challenging the status quo in the legal arena. There have been numerous cases where she successfully represented injured clients in gaining access to compensation to help them get their lives back on track. At times this has meant developing precedent and using a case to push for changes in laws and policies. In this regard, Diana has represented clients in cases to change discriminatory workplace policy, assisted victims of abuse get justice, and held powerful professionals and organisations to account for negligence. These highlights in fighting for justice are achievements that align with her vision for legal services.

However, her proudest achievement is building a firm with a positive and supportive workplace culture where staff are empowered to provide outstanding services to its clients. This has involved the acquisition of Swan & Co Legal in 2018 and expanding further in 2019 to become an all-service legal firm providing expert lawyers in all areas. Staying true to her vision of empowering those around her has led to Foye Legal being a leading regional law firm serving clients on a national basis.

Why Foye Legal

“I believe that personal transformation within oneself can cause a ripple effect that can lead to profound social change. With a dwindling passion for working for corporate giants, I clearly saw that my career future was in starting a firm that was aligned with my values and that would make a difference in the local community. Being a lawyer is ingrained in us, but it’s incredibly hard work building a business. No business would flourish without the team behind it, and my incredible team are what make Foye Legal a great business.

At the heart of Foye Legal, we see ourselves as life-long partners with our clients, guiding them through the significant events in their lives that afflict us all at some point. Whether that is recovering from a life-changing personal injury, buying or selling their home, experiencing a relationship or family breakdown, preparing for end-of-life matters, I believe that every client deserves a legal team that takes a personal interest in their case. It is our primary objective to keep our clients, and their families, safe and free from worry and financial hardship in any circumstance.” – Diana

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