Emma Thomson

Senior Associate

About Emma

Emma is an experienced personal injury lawyer with ten years of experience. Emma helps clients when their lives have been turned upside down by an injury, whether it is in the workplace, a public place, the result of medical negligence or a motor vehicle accident.  Getting fair and efficient compensation for clients and enabling clients achieve the best possible outcome in difficult circumstances is Emma’s goal.

Emma is also a member of the NSW Law Society Injury Compensation Committee.

Career Highlight

Emma believes it is satisfying every time a case is resolved. Even though there will always be other cases to move onto, she knows that for her clients, their case is so important to them.  Emma finds it very rewarding knowing that she has achieved the best possible outcome for her client in their situation.

Progressing to a senior position and being able to train junior lawyers has also been a highlight for Emma.  Emma enjoys being part of a junior lawyer’s journey as they gain experience and expand on their understanding of the law, and the legal system.

A final (and majorly impressive) highlight was Emma’s successful challenge against a workers compensation insurer, on a point of law, which was heard in the NSW Court of Appeal. Well done Emma.

Why Foye Legal

“Foye Legal has given me the opportunity to flourish in my legal career by providing a supportive work environment. At Foye Legal I have witnessed the best examples of women building up other women so that we can all achieve our career goals. Foye Legal also supports a good work/life balance.” – Emma


“Emma Thomson from Foye Legal assisted us with our legal proceedings against a local hospital in relation to a medical negligence claim, which resulted in the loss of our son, who was 40 weeks, 3-days-old when he passed.

Emma and the team at Foye legal were extremely empathic, caring and acknowledged our grief, loss and the ongoing impacts on our livelihood. Above all, Emma and the team were very thorough and displayed keen attention to detail in every instance which resulted in a positive mediation outcome.

Through tragedy, we were able to have some reprieve with the result Emma and the Foye legal team were able to help us achieve, which is helping us take the next step forward in our lives. We would recommend them highly to anyone who feels they may have been mistreated within the healthcare system resulting in harm or loss.” – Geordi Penrose.


“Emma, you were awesome & I especially want to say thank you, to you. You were always so easy to talk to & you never hesitated in explaining things to me that were way above my head. It was very difficult at times when we were met with resistance from the other side, but you were always a calming voice to help me feel better.” – Kathy Parker



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