Terri Anderson

Special Counsel

About Terri

Terri leads Foye Legal’s Commercial, Property and Estates division, providing broad commercial legal experience for clients. She discovered her interest in law after taking time out of the workforce to have children. She re-assessed her career objectives and decided to retrain and pursue her long-term interest in law and social justice. After seven years in the not-for-profit sector, she chose to return to work in private practice due to her love of day-to-day interactions with clients. Terri enjoys listening to clients and helping them find the legal issue and applying the law to solve their problems. Terri’s diverse background and experience include undergraduate qualifications in communications and anthropology and post-graduate education in law and financial planning.

Career Highlight

Terri’s career highlight was negotiating a significant settlement for a client in a historical sex abuse matter against his former GPS school. The client told Terri he felt heard for the first time in decades. In her first weeks at Foye Legal, she overturned an eviction notice for an existing client of Foye Legal. He told Terri that he could not thank her enough, it was a huge weight lifted off his shoulders. Regardless of whether the matter is big or small, Terri takes great satisfaction in helping her clients.

Why Foye Legal

“Foye Legal is service-oriented and strives to provide quality advice to its clients. What struck me about Foye Legal was that as well as caring for its clients, it also cared about its staff. By creating a strong workplace culture, Foye Legal has created an environment where its staff have the tools and work environment to focus on the important issues – the client’s issues. I am a people person, and relationships are essential to me. I strive to communicate openly and often with my clients and make sure they know how important their issue is to me. Having spent the past seven years focusing my professional life on fighting disadvantage in East Africa, I have developed the interpersonal skills to make people from all walks of life comfortable and have become an empathic listener and problem solver.” – Terri.

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